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Janhavi Panwar is a gifted child prodigy from Haryana ( Born November 8, 2003, in village Shahrmalpur, tehsil Samalkha, District Panipat) and is known as the wonder girl of India for her record-breaking achievements. She was given the title of ‘India’s Wonder Girl’ at just the age of 11. She has mastered 9 foreign accents like American, and British, and is in the final year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Satyawati Delhi University, She is a motivational speaker and has anchored a show on the BBC. She also has a passion for singing and has participated in shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and India’s Got Talent. Janhavi is an inspiration to children of her generation and is a perfect example of overcoming obstacles to achieve success.

janhavi panwar taking award
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Education Of Wonder Girl Jhanvi

Janhavi Panwar has achieved remarkable educational accomplishments that have earned her the title of ‘India’s Wonder Girl’. At just the age of 11, she mastered 9 foreign accents. Despite her primary and secondary school teachers not being fluent in English, her father was passionate about helping her learn the language even with limited resources.

Images Credit To Janhavi Panwar

At the age of 13, she completed her schooling at DAV, Samalkha-Haryana. After completing her senior secondary school at the age of 13, she went on to become a 16-year-old graduate when she completed her undergraduate studies at Delhi University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English literature from Kurukshetra University.

Apart from her academic accomplishments, she is a successful motivational speaker and has spoken to IAS officers and educational institutes across 8 states in India.

How Janhavi Panwar learned Many foreign accents

Janhavi Panwar learned many foreign accents with the help of her father. He brought her BBC videos to practice her English with and this helped her learn the British accent and intonation. He also enrolled her in various UK and US English-speaking courses and even went to embassies to help her learn more about the language. She also attended language classes conducted by a linguist, Rekha Raj. Janhavi’s father also ensured that she was exposed to different accents and intonations and encouraged her to practice and perfect her skills. With her hard work and dedication, she was able to master 9 foreign accents.

9 foreign accents name that Jhanvi Panwar can talk

Janhavi Panwar can speak in 9 different following foreign accents,

  1. British
  2. American
  3. Australian
  4. South African
  5. Irish
  6. Scottish
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Italian

Physical Appearance

Janhavi Panwar is a young and talented individual. She has an attractive and charming personality and carries herself with grace and poise. She dresses up in fashionable clothes and has a captivating smile.

Height – 5 feet 4 inches
Eye Color – Black
Hair Color – Black
Age – 19 Year In 2022


Janhavi Panwar hails from Samalkhar, Haryana. Her father, Brij Mohan Panwar, is a government school teacher and her mother, Sanjana Panwar, is a housewife. Janhavi has an elder brother who is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in law. Janhavi’s father has been a driving force behind her success and has always been supportive of her. He has done everything he can to nurture her talent and help her reach her goals.

Images Credit To Janhavi Panwar

He has brought her BBC videos to practice her English with and has enrolled her in various UK and US English-speaking courses. He has also taken her to embassies to help with her language skills. Janhavi’s mother has also been a great source of emotional support and her brother is her biggest cheerleader. Janhavi’s family is the foundation of her success and they are proud of her accomplishments.

Photo with his Parents & Siblings

Knowledge Box

NameJanhavi Panwar
Nick Name“Wonder Girl”
Date Of Birth November 8, 2003
Birth PlaceVillage Shahrmalpur, tehsil Samalkha, District Panipat
Age19 Year In 2022
Home TownSamalkha
Father NameBrij Mohan Panwar
Mother NameSanjana Panwar
Brother NameNot Available
SchoolDAV, Samalkha-Haryana
CollageKurukshetra University.
OccupationStudent, international motivational speaker, Youtuber, Singer, Songwriter
Hobbiesreading, writing, singing, playing the piano and guitar, and traveling.
9 foreign accents name that Jhanvi Panwar can talkBritish, American, Australian, South African, Irish, Scottish, French, German, and Italian.
Income Not Available
NetworthNot Available
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameNot Available
Award WinGold Star Award, Youth Achiever Award & More
Featured InDU Beat, India Today, Josh Talk & More
Appeared In ShowsSa Re Ga Ma Pa, Talk from the Heart & More

Social Handle

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Relationship / Affairs

Janhavi Panwar is focused on her studies and career and is not known to be in any kind of romantic relationship or affair.


Janhavi Panwar is a Hindu.


Jhanvi Panwar is a student with a Master’s degree & she has anchored a show on the BBC and has emerged as a role model for many girls who wish to study and speak English without hesitation. She has also delivered motivational talks to several IAS officers and at educational institutes across numerous states in India, showcasing her inspiring story. Jahnavi has a beautiful singing voice and loves to record song covers. She has a flair for English Rap and has also attempted shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and India’s Got Talent.

In addition to her linguistic skills, Janhavi Panwar is also a motivational speaker and has shown her prowess in public speaking. She was given an opportunity to deliver a speech to 150 IAS officers in the presence of then Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Janhavi has also been chosen by the founder of ‘Super 30’, Anand Kumar, to be a part of the program without any exam.

Appeared In Shows

Janhavi Panwar has appeared as a guest on a number of shows, including The Navhind Times talk show, Talk from the Heart, BBC Radio FM with Imran, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and India’s Got Talent. She has also given motivational talks to several IAS officers and at educational institutes across numerous states in India, showcasing her inspiring story.

Featured In

Wonder Girl Jhanvi Panwar Featured In Following Places

  1. BBC World News
  2. The Times of India
  3. India Today
  4. Hindustan Times
  5. TEDx Talks
  6. Radio FM
  7. DU Beat
  8. YourStory
  9. Leverage Edu
  10. The Better India.
  11. Josh Talk
  12. Sandeep Maheswari YouTube Channel

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, as Jhanvi Panwar may feature other places as well.

Award Won By

Wonder Girl Jhanvi Panwar has won the following awards:

Images Credit To Janhavi Panwar
  1. BBC’s Young Achievers Award
  2. Times of India – Inspiring Women Award
  3. National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement
  4. Wonder Girl of India Award
  5. Women’s Empowerment Award
  6. Zee News Young Achievers Award
  7. Outstanding Young Achievers Award
  8. Youth Achiever Award
  9. Gold Star Award
  10. Young Achievers Award.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, as Jhanvi Panwar may win other awards as well.

Lifestyle of

Janhavi Panwar leads a very disciplined lifestyle. She wakes up early and starts her day with a glass of warm lemon water. She then meditates for about 10 minutes before beginning her studies. She follows a strict daily schedule, which includes studying for 4-5 hours and then taking a break for an hour. During her break, she likes to read books, watch movies, or listen to music. She also takes time to exercise for about 30 minutes every day. Janhavi believes in eating healthy and avoiding junk food as much as possible. She also tries to get a good 8 hours of sleep every night.

Bike / Car

Janhavi Panwar does not own a bike or a car. She usually travels by public transportation like buses or trains.

Facts About Kautilya Pandit That Very Few People Know

  1. Janhavi Panwar was born on November 8 2003 in Samalkha, Haryana.
  2. She was a child prodigy who started speaking in English at the age of one and a half years.
  3. By the time she was nine, she had mastered nine different English accents.
  4. She appeared for her Class 10 board exams at the age of 11 and finished her undergraduate degree in English literature from Delhi University at the age of 16.
  5. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in English literature from Kurukshetra University.
  6. At the age of 12, she gave her first motivational talk to 150 IAS officers at the Bombay Institute of Public Administration.
  7. She regularly gives motivational talks to various educational institutes across eight states in India.
  8. She is an avid reader of autobiographies, books on the conscious mind, and spirituality.
  9. She runs a successful YouTube channel with 8 lakh subscribers.
  10. She is a songwriter and singer and has released a few of her own songs.

Latest Photo

Images Credit To Janhavi Panwar
Images Credit To Janhavi Panwar

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Who is Wonder Girl Janhavi Panwar?

Janhavi Panwar is an international motivational speaker and child prodigy from India. She is known for her mastery of nine foreign accents and for being titled the ‘Wonder Girl of India’ at the age of nine.

How Many Languages Speak Janhavi Panwar?

Janhavi Panwar is fluent in 9 different English accents as well as 5 languages; French, Japanese, English, Hindi, and Haryanavi.

How much net worth is Janhavi Panwar?

$36,939Janhavi Panwar’s net worth is estimated to be around $36,939.This amount is calculated based on a combination of social factors.

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